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Hello! My name is Yuri!
I am an artist, painter, illustrator, cartoonist, photographer from St. Petersburg.
Born in 1968.
After high school, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts with a degree in graphic design and photography.
After that, he became interested in history and graduated from the university.
I create in my cozy studio in St. Petersburg.
This is my passion and main occupation.
I embody my fantasies in my paintings. My characters are born in my head...
The most important thing is peace and comfort.
I love tea, pool and sauna, I try to play the guitar.
I spend a lot of time in nature, listen to good music, read books - these are the sources of my inspiration.

I work in different directions.
Oil and acrylic painting, watercolor and graphics, including computer graphics.
I illustrate books, magazines, blogs, online resources.
I am engaged in the design of souvenir products.
My works delight the inhabitants of the Earth and live in private collections in Russia, China, USA, Australia, Great Britain, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Denmark...
Participant of many exhibitions.
Laureate of international cartoon competitions.
I actively cooperate with the international association of cartoonists Cartoonbank.
I am very happy if you like my work. It motivates me to create what I'm so passionate about...

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